Why we crave for particular taste or food?? How to control cravings??

What is food craving??

👉Food Craving is strong desire to eat some particular taste food . 🍟🥯🍲🍩

👉It may be for sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent and astringent in taste.🙄

👉Craving is message of body that it want particular taste food.

🤔What causes craving??

✅It originates due to imbalance and deficiency.
✅Due to seasonal effect.
✅Due to effect of age and body type.
✅Due to disease conditions.
✅It is normal in pregnancy.
✅Due to different emotional status .

👉Now mostly people think craving is unhealthy but it’s a body way to signal its demand to balance unbalanced agni and dosha. 🌷🌷

👉Craving guides us to restore balance but sometimes it also originates due to pathological conditions like person with low metabolism crave for sugar and tea or coffee, person in mental stress can crave for alcohol or cigarettes . 🌻🌻🌻🌻

👉 Craving type helps in identifying cause of imbalance and to restore balance . 🌻🌻

👉Craving signifies body needs more gentle elements, more fire elements and more air elements depending upon season and condition of individual .🌾🌾

👉Have you noticed when you are stressed you crave for sweet taste, when you feel lazy you crave for spicy food and when you are hungry you want to eat salty, crunchy thing .🌷🌷

🤔Why this happens??

👉In condition of stress, anxiety, sadness, worry and insecurity , vata is increased in body and to balance that body naturally want to have sweet taste things which are heavy, nourishing, unctuous, pleasing and give satisfaction, opposite to qualities of vata. 🌀

👉 When you feel low in energy, sluggishness and depressed kapha dosha get imbalanced and to balance that body demands spicy food or caffeine drink .

👉In hunger pitta and vata is high, salty taste balance vata with its unctuous and warm nature and improve appetite for proper digestion of food.

🤔Why even after knowing junk foods, bakery products etc are not good for health we still crave for them?? 😂

👉In modern fast and stressful life vayu easily gets imbalanced that is why many people eat chocolate and other unhealthy things to balance that but unhealthy food lack nourishment due to which even after eating them in large quantity they leave you unsatisfied and more you eat them more you crave for them.

👉Craving for food also depends on season,time of day, age and body type like in rainy season we crave for fried food, in winter for sweet and heavy food, in summer for sweet and light food. 🌐🏕️🏜️
👉Vata person like to have dry, light food, Pitta spicy and Kapha person wants heavy and sweet things but they should have opposite nature things to balance dosha . 🌅

👉So instead of controlling cravings forcefully we should understand there cause and give healthy good sweet, sour, salty and spicy foods to body . ✅🌻

🤔Why we crave for fried bhajia or pakodas in rainy season??

✅In rainy season vata gets vitiated to balance that body crave for oily and salty things, so having fried snacks in rainy season is actually good for body but again be careful about ingredients used in preparing snacks and quantity consumed .

🤔So craving for sweets after food is also good?

👉No, as after having food kapha is high in body and in this condition if one take sweet that leads to more kapha in body which disturb agni and digestion, this imbalanced agni is cause of all the health issues.

🤔What can be done to avoid sweet craving immediately after having food??

✅Have Buttermilk with roasted cumin, rock salt and mint leaves after food.
✅Chewing fennel seed.
✅Chew paan
✅Avoid extremely spicy food
✅ Eating with full attention on food and with gratitude.
✅Stay calm and peaceful.
✅ Listen sweet music
✅Oil massage before bath
✅Regular excercise
✅ Use natural soothing sweet aromas.

🤔Who don’t crave for any particular food??
✅Balanced and satisfied person do not crave for particular taste food.

🤔How to achieve balance and satisfaction??
👉Follow dincharya, ritucharya and sadvritta.
👉Follow ayurvedic diet rules.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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