Health benefits of green peas.

Green peas

☘️Green peas are tasty and full of nutrients vegetable.

☘️Green peas are rich in protein and fiber.

☘️They are used in preparation of some of the Ayurvedic oil and medicines.

🌻Properties of green peas. 🌻

🌱Sweet in taste.
🌱Dry,light to digest and cool.
🌱It increases vata dosha, balances kapha and pitta.

☘️Health benefits of green peas

👉They improves taste of food and improve appetite.

👉They improves strength of body and gives nourishment.

👉They relieves burning sensation in body.

👉Green peas are antibacterial, antifungal in action.

👉They relieves inflammation.

👉They are good to use in diabetes.

👉Green peas helps in controlling cholesterol.
👉They are anti cancer action.

🤔In which conditions green peas should be avoided?

👉As they increase vata dosha they should be avoided in high vata conditions like constipation,bloating, headache, neck pain legs pain,cramps, stiffness, dryness, sleeplessness, unstable mind etc.

🤔How vata increasing action of green peas can be managed?

👉They should be used after cooking with ghee and spices which will help in controlling vata dosha.

👉Use green peas with vata balancing vegetables like carrot, garlic, onions etc.

🌱Better to have them in season only. 🌱

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