Wheat is good or bad for health??

🌾Wheat (Gehu) 🌾

Wheat is good or bad??

🌾Wheat is known as godhoom in Sanskrit. 🌺

🤔Is Wheat not good for health?

👉 Wheat is healthy and can be included in daily diet of healthy person as per Ayurveda. 🌺

🤔Should we replace wheat completely with millets or other cereals for good health ??

👉No, unfortunately in today’s time anything can be branded absolutely good or bad for everyone which is just not right. 🌷🌷

👉Nothing is absolutely good or bad for everyone. 🌿🌿

👉 So one should eat according to hid condition and requirements.🌻🌻

👉We should not believe this myth which is going around us. 🌺🌺

🤔Is there any reference of wheat in Ayurveda?

👉Yes it is mentioned under the category of dhanya and as Nitya sevaniya ahara (that can be consumed daily) . 🌷🌷

🤔What are properties of wheat??

👉Wheat is sweet in taste, heavy to digest, unctuous, slimy, sweet in vipaka and cold in potency. ☘️🍀🌻

👉It balances vata and pitta dosha. 🌱🌱

🤔What are the health benefits of wheat?

✅Wheat is tasty and give strength to body. 🌷
✅It is nourishing 🌷
✅It is laxative, relieves constipation. 🌺
✅It is aphrodisiac. 🌺
✅Improves weight 🌺
✅Increase immunity ☘️
✅lmproves skin complexion 🍀
✅It helps in healing fractured bone. 🌱
✅It helps in wound healing 🌿
✅By balancing Vata it gives stability to body and mind. 🌺☘️

✅It is useful in 80 types of vata disorders like gas, constipation, joint pain, emaciation etc and 40 types of pitta disorders like burning, bleeding disorders etc. 🍀

✅It is useful in degenerative disorders. ☘️

✅It increases mental strength 🌺

✅It is also used externally with other herbs in condition of pain and wound.🌷

🤔So Ayurveda suggest consumption of wheat?
✅Absolutely . 🌺

🤔So why suddenly everyone is suggesting to stop wheat??

👉As due to faulty diet, lifestyle and less active life digestive strength becomes less so people are not able to digest wheat and blaming wheat for that as it is easy option. 🌿🌱

👉Hybrid varieties are heavy to digest that should be avoided. 🌷🌺

🤔How to use it?

✅Use its whole grain powder.
✅Avoid its refined flour.
✅Eat it with spices ( with sabji and chutney) as they will help in its digestion and also to balance kapha.
✅People with weak digestion should avoid its sweet preparations.
✅Daliya, Chapati, halwa, ladoo, noodles can be made using it.
✅It can be used in place of refined flour to make dishes.
✅ Avoid its excessive consumption.

🤔Who should avoid it?

👉In condition of high kapha like obesity, hypothyroidism etc it daily use in food should be avoided.

👉In diseases due to over nourishment it should be avoided.

👉It condition of low digestive strength it should be avoided.

🤔What should person with gluten allergy do?

👉Gluten allergy is due to low digestive strength, it’s weakness of your system so just stopping gluten diet is not the solution, one should take Ayurvedic treatment and follow ayurvedic routine to increase digestive strength.

So in healthy condition , in vata and Pitta disorders wheat should be part of diet. It should be avoided in kapha disorders.

Published by Dr. Amrita Sharma

I am an ayurvedic practitioner with experience of more than a decade, I have worked with best ayurvedic companies and now with the purpose of reaching out people to make them aware about ayurveda which is not just a system of treatment but a way of living to remain healthy

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